Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Take Me Away To: Club Surya London

By George, the blokes across the pond have really done it! The just-opened Club Surya in London has a dance floor (pictured above) that harnesses the movements of club-goers to generate energy to power the club! Plus, if you arrive by foot, bike, or public transpo, you get in for free...and they serve organic drinks in biodegradable cups (why not reusable cups, I wonder? Too much crazy dancing makes them wary of glass?).
Anyhoo, this gets me thinking... I totally want a motion-harnessing floor in my dream house. How cool would that be? You could power the stairwell light just be walking up the stairs! Power your fridge just by walking up to it, opening the door, and tapping your feet while scarfing down some hummus! Let's dream big, peeps! And dance as often as possible.
(via ecofabulous)


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