Tuesday, December 9, 2014

January Jones' Organic Skincare Secret

If you're a Mad Men fan like I am, you're well aware of January Jones' ridiculous beauty. Boy, do I wish my skin had that dewy, annoyingly perfect glow. Sigh. So when I read a Q & A with January on StyleHive today and learned she uses organic products from a UK skincare line called Liz Earle, I was pretty stoked. It's from across the pond! I've never heard of it before! Obviously, it must be a super special secret reserved for AMC starlets, Madge, and Gwyneth! And now us...

I might like January because she looks so much like Grace Kelly. If, like yours truly (and Princess Grace), you were born in Philly and love Hitchcock movies, adoration of Grace Kelly comes as naturally to you as the desire to jog up and down Art Museum steps. It was in the water back there.
So whuddya think? Is this January or Grace?


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