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Friday, December 19, 2014

Leo DiCaprio's New Green Condo

Didja hear Leo just bought an eco-friendly condo in NYC's Riverhouse building? Apparently it has solar panels, a gray water treatment facility (for water recycling), and a green roof!
(Image: Eric Ryan/Getty Images via Us Weekly)

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Object of My Dog's Affection: Bella Beds

I love the coiled look and dog-friendly "cave shape" of Bella Beds. I recently discovered them while perusing the new online retailer, which carries very stylish home items from 30+ manufacturers of green products. The Bella Bed is made with Eco2 cotton recycled from pre-consumer apparel fiber and is stuffed with recycled soda bottles, or PET. Our one-year-old pup, Cole, might try to uncoil the bed, but our twelve-year-old Portuguese water dog, King Oberon, would definitely plop right in for a nice, snore-filled eco-slumber. Available here for $79.99 and up.

Fab Friday Find! Sexy Summer Bomber Jacket

Swoon! This sassy lil' Kelly Barry bomber-meets-bolero is the absolute pride and joy of my virtual closet. It's totally one of those pieces that you could wear with anything...jeans, cocktail dresses, khaki shorts, you name it. If you do pair with jeans or shorts, I would also add a top. But that's just me being my conservative, shirt-wearing self.
By the by, I wouldn't want to bump into the tough-a & $ chick in this pic in a dark alley. Looks like someone forgot to get grumpypants her skinny soy latte this morning. How in the world could someone be so unhappy in such a fab coat? I hope the photographer stayed away from sharp objects; this lady looks like she could go Naomi C. on someone any second.
Anyhoo, guess what? The coat's made of organic cotton! I bet you already guessed that though, huh? Oh, dear, dear reader, you know me so well. Just for that, I've willed the powers that be to put the coat on sale. $126 at Lucky ducks.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A Farewell to Pangaya

Sadly, online eco-boutique Pangaya is in the midst of closing up shop. The only good news to cull from this is the savings (80% off!) to be had as the site winds down. Better hurry -- stock is dwindling quickly and who knows how long items like the above Stewart & Brown Knitted Trumpet Skirt will last.

Plans for 2014?

When it comes to planning, I'm an old fashioned gal. Sure, online calendars have their advantages, but give me a pencil and a cute paper planner and I'm a much happier gal. These days, I'm digging the chic patterns of Sarah Pinto's recycled paper and soy-based ink planners. Cute, no?
Via IdealBite.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Tom's Wrap Boots (or, Adios, Uggs!)

As a former rider and eternal horse admirer, I'm a sucker for all things equestrian. Hence, my love of the funky new polo wrap-inspired boots from TOMS -- a love that only grew after watching the boots' latin soap opera-esque promo video. The video is clearly made by the same producers behind the stunning "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter" ads.
Anyhoo, as always w/ TOMS, for every pair of boots sold a pair of shoes will be donated to a kid in need. Guilt-free shoe shopping!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Salma Hayek Digs Jurlique's Biodynamic Beauty Line

4 things making me happy today:
1. It's my 200th post on SSTW! Whoa. That's a lot of posting.
2. It's Friday. 'Nuff said.
3. It's SUNNY in SF! Major joy.
4. Jurlique has a new line of biodynamic beauty products that I might just need to try out. Jurlique's PR rep let me know about the star-studded launch party in LA (to which I wasn't invited--ballsy!) and sent along pics of celebs getting slathered with product. The one of Salma Hayek below was my fave. Man. That's the life.


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