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Friday, October 17, 2014

Object of My Affection: Railroad Tie Dining Table

How cool would it be to host a dinner party on this uber-stylish table from Vivaterra? I'm a huge fan of the pairing of knotty, weathered wood with metal, and those angular leg lines keep the whole design from becoming overly rustic. The wood - a mix of pine, teak, and ironwood - is made up of reclaimed railroad ties, complete with peg-filled spike holes. Can't beat a table that doubles as a conversation starter.
Bonus points to the person who thought up those fantastic, blobby centerpieces (peat? moss?). What a unique design element - they're like tiny landscapes! Quirky pieces like those send the stylemeter of a room into the stratosphere.

The Brazilian: Environment Furniture Edition

Environment Furniture utilizes reclaimed Peroba wood from the supermodel breeding grounds also known as Brazil, crafting lumber from derelict barns and dwellings into stunning, sleek pieces like the above Santos bed. The mix of rustic and refined is purely modern, and the rich shade of wood gives the pieces a heady aura of luxury.
More faves from the collection below...

Super Chic Recycled Leather Bags!

Wow! I am really digging these gorgeous handmade recycled leather bags from Valhalla Brooklyn's Etsy store! I particularly love the red one above...a perfect carry-on bag for weekenders. Love.
I found out about Valhalla from Gretchen's Closet, an online directory of boutiques and discounts. June is "Eco-Month" on the site!
Wanna see other recycled leather bags I heart?

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Letterpress Love: Smock

I know that I've babbled here before (ok, more than once) about my deep and lasting love for letterpress stationary, but don't think I'm anywhere near finished yet. Does the world need yet another letterpress line? Oh, YES, PLEASE! Smock to the rescue. Designed by Amy Graham Stigler (founder of Snow & Graham), Smock is the first print shop in the US to offer printing on bamboo paper. Plus they're run with wind power and donate 1% of sales to environmental causes!
I tried my very best to pick out a couple of Smock's many social, holiday, and wedding designs to share here...but as you can see, I fell in love with too many to pick just a few. These are my faves, but they're just the tip of the iceberg. Check out the site for goodness galore.

This One's For the Dogs: Whiner and Diner Beds/Bowls

Looking for a Valentine's gift for that 4-legged love bug in your life? Whiner and Diner's pet feeders and beds, made with salvaged wine crates from prestigious vineyards in California and Europe, could be just what your chic little pup or kitty has been shooting you those doe eyes about all these years. The company will even customize items with your pet's name, but I'm thinking, given the classiness of these beds (and price: $225), a monogram might be more suitable. Now if only my dogs had middle names...

Object of My Affection: Roger La Borde Recycled Paper Journals

I'm kinda finding myself infatuated with the chic, botanical designs on Roger La Borde's recycled journals! Just think of all the earth-shatteringly poetic sentences one of these would inspire. Plus one of the designs is on sale for $4.75!
PS: I love long weekends.
PPS: Sometimes when I accidentally eat an entire bag of chips, I eat a piece of fruit and feel a little less guilty.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Happy Holidays!

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday! Here's some last minute love for the eco stockings (felt made of recycled materials) over at RikRak's Etsy shop...

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