Sunday, January 11, 2015

Site Crush: Organica Deluxe

Hello, December! It's officially time to turn our minds to Chrismukkah and pumping up the economy, eco-style. I have recently discovered and fallen in love with Organica Deluxe, a website brimming with truly lovely organic, natural, and/or Fair Trade goodies that are packaged in post-consumer recycled tissue paper. I especially love how the site offers numerous search options -- gifts by price range, occasion, recipient, etc -- to make gift hunting that much easier.
Since I naturally go right to the sale section, I quickly stumbled upon this eco-luxe gift combo of a hand-woven, fair trade, pink-rimmed silk scarf (made from silk collected in such a way as to not harm the moth!) and Antica Farmacista peony room spray (made with essential oils). The combo, on sale for $70, includes a donation to breast cancer research.


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