Monday, January 12, 2015

Fab Friday Find: Ailin's Pin-Tuck Jacket

Have you ever, ever, ever seen a cute windbreaker? Maybe I've been looking for rain protection in all the wrong places, but stylish rain coats have evaded me. I don't mean fancy rain gear - there are plenty of chic trench coats on the market. But something stylish that you might want to wear to the beach on a windy day? Or for when you want to take a stroll with your dog despite the possibility of showers? I didn't think it existed.
And then I found Ailin, my new best friend, who makes all sorts of lovely, eco-friendly activewear and slightly-less-activewear. Like the hard shell pin-tuck jacket above, made of downcycled polyester and bamboo. At $525, it's sadly out of reach... but a girl can dream.
For more eco-friendly activewear, check out my slideshow at StyleHive.
(BTW, no posts next week, but SSTW will be back in action 2/18. Happy V-Day!)


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