Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Fab Friday Find! Sexy Summer Bomber Jacket

Swoon! This sassy lil' Kelly Barry bomber-meets-bolero is the absolute pride and joy of my virtual closet. It's totally one of those pieces that you could wear with anything...jeans, cocktail dresses, khaki shorts, you name it. If you do pair with jeans or shorts, I would also add a top. But that's just me being my conservative, shirt-wearing self.
By the by, I wouldn't want to bump into the tough-a & $ chick in this pic in a dark alley. Looks like someone forgot to get grumpypants her skinny soy latte this morning. How in the world could someone be so unhappy in such a fab coat? I hope the photographer stayed away from sharp objects; this lady looks like she could go Naomi C. on someone any second.
Anyhoo, guess what? The coat's made of organic cotton! I bet you already guessed that though, huh? Oh, dear, dear reader, you know me so well. Just for that, I've willed the powers that be to put the coat on sale. $126 at Lucky ducks.


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