Saturday, November 1, 2014

Finley's Nursery Tour: DIY and BIY (Buy It Yourself) Art!

If you'll be so kind as to turn around now, you'll see the other half of Finley's nursery. Oh, here we are. Using the leftover no-VOC Natura paint from the tree mural, I painted the two canvases above Finley's changing table. My favorite animals? Ponies and puppies. One of the many wonderful things about being a parent of a not-yet-talking child is that you get to make all of your favorite things be your baby's favorite things too. So far, so good. Finley loves her ponies and puppies paintings. No word yet on dance movies, flip flops, and vodka tonics.

Listen up! I can not take credit for anything about these paintings other than the fact that I am a decent forger. After spending weeks on the Avalisa website, drooling over the crisp, colorful, funky animal prints and lamenting the fact that I could not afford them, I finally studied a couple of the designs closely and then painted my own. You should not do this. You should buy from Avalisa. Seriously. Get over there now. (Then come back.)
I bought the lovely custom family tree print above from the talented Karen Yi's Almost Sunday Etsy shop. It's a steal at $38. Since my busted camera can't do the print justice, check out the sample print from her shop below. Super pretty, right?
The final piece of art in the room is the fab Finley ABC print from Jennifer Ramos of I majorly heart it.

This is where it lives:

Tomorrow? All the miscellaneous details! Pillow, rugs, and tables...oh my!


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